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The CO-OP Formula: When awareness and choice cooperate to create change by Hagai Shalev is the definitive resource for positive, productive personal improvement. This book teaches businesses and individuals how to improve their outlook on life and make changes to lifelong habits that will improve business and personal relationships and productiveness.

Get this expert’s take on eliminating bad habits and developing entirely new and improved habits. This structured formula is easy and pain less to follow. This is a step by step program that offers new ways of learning good habits and tips on retaining those habits.

Mr. Shalev is a Business Change Specialist and his book 'The CO-OP Formula' become an overnight sensation in the business world. Mr. Shalev has been conducting workshops, providing business coaching and giving lectures on this subject for many years. Now you can get the essence of his entire successful program in this single publication.

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Vardit Bar – Kibbutz Haogen's Human Resources Manager

"I was very pleased with the 12 meetings of the business workshop "The CO-OP Formula". I achieved a personal and professional breakthrough, and this success has been a source of incredible empowerment, which will continue to enrich me with effective and applicable tools in any path I will choose. I gained tremendous self-understanding and learned that with the right tools it is possible to realize goals in a clear, aware and effective manner.
The interaction between the participants was useful and encouraging and the contents of the workshop were inspiring and opened up many fascinating horizons.
I feel stronger and more confident than ever, and am grateful for the unique experience!"

Michael Ben Hemo – Co-Owner of Electricity Plus

"Thanks to the workshop I achieved a breakthrough in the business and met the targets I set.
The CO-OP Formula workshop has made a profound impact on my business and personal life – I worry and procrastinate less, am happier, more positive, pro-active and focused. During the workshop I had to make difficult decisions regarding my partner and other family matters. The coaching and the tools I received helped me make a decision, plan my future and begin to implement the plans.
The workshop was an inspiring and meaningful experience, and I am very happy I took it.
I am grateful to you, Hagai, for being so wonderful, professional and empathic, and so are my business partner and life partner."

Joel Levy – Back and Neck Expert

"Through an immediate change of approach and with the help of the CO-OP Formula, I succeeded in carrying out all the assignments of the business coaching, managing to enhance my work/livelihood, increase my income by dozens of percents, and advance and develop according to my vision. The combination of awareness and business coaching taught to us in the workshop is a winning one, especially when instructed by a professional, sensitive and dedicated coach like Hagai."

Nana Berkovitch – Owner of a Retail Chain

"I set quantitative goals and amazingly enough the profits of both of my braches improved by 30 and 50%. Moreover, after 23 years in which I was afraid to fly, I gathered the courage and stepped on a plane!
I learned that everything is possible. Thanks to the participants and to Hagai, I received the legitimacy to do what I wanted, and achieved a breakthrough."

Dafna Vardimon – Social Entrepreneur

"I undoubtedly achieved a breakthrough and my life has changed dramatically. I am applying all the tools I received at the CO-OP Formula workshop – they are indeed a tool box for life. I have a clear and challenging vision, my goals are much clearer and I am strongly committed to fulfilling them. In addition, I plan to open workshops in August and have forged the political ties that will enable them to happen. I am constantly 'on the go'. The workshop group is supportive, loving and unconventional, and has enabled many of my achievements. Hagai, I want to thank you so much – from heart and head. I am now a fuller and happier person."

Shani Sagi

"Hagai, your personal story and breakthrough are very inspiring and have touched me. I am very grateful for the manner in which you taught the CO-OP Formula workshop and was impressed with the tools and practices I learned."

Michal Ofir – Theta Healer and Workshop Instructor

"For me, the CO-OP Formula workshop was an important, even crucial, step toward a new path. Without the workshop I would not have dared make the change. The workshop was in fact a springboard for realizing my true aspirations. The practical tools and the Goal Plan helped me realize my vision. Hagai and the wonderful participants gave me many ideas for realizing my plan. The skills offered in the workshop are incredible and contributed much to my knowledge and understanding how everything combines.

I also learned the following:
• I outlined detailed and clear Goal Plan, which included precise indications of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.
• I received practical knowledge regarding the establishment of my business, both from Hagai and from the group.
• I embarked on exercising the plan and am advancing consistently and persistently.
Manny Thanks, Hagai, for allowing me to undergo this process.

Anat Kertes – Entrepreneur

"I decided to make a change in my life but did not know where to begin.
Hagai, you were a gift from heaven!
I concluded the CO-OP Formula workshop with an arsenal of practical tools for life. My awareness increased and so did my faith in my abilities and focus.
Hagai, you are professional, emphatic, dedicated, caring, determined, faithful, encouraging, didactic and clear.
You work with your heart and soul and are a source of inspiration to me.
Many thanks!"

R. Sh. – Interior Decorator

"The CO-OP Formula workshop served me for four important months, while I was opening my new business. It gave me practical tools for success in terms of time management, task performance and focused output in promoting my business.
Hagai is a very dear person – caring, attentive and, above all, true to the values he teaches.
During the workshop I outlined a Goal Plan for one year ahead and have now achieved most of them – my income has grown and, no less important, I stopped being scattered and confused.
The workshop enables group interaction, assistance and a constructive group experience. In addition, it is enriching and enables actual achievement.
Hagai's "CO-OP Formula" is tremendous and, together with the tools offered at the workshop, it ensures the ability to implement change.
I warmly recommend Hagai's CO-OP Formula workshop to business owners or entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change – Hagai Shalev and his workshop are the right solution.

Doron Ashkenazi – Founder and Manager of Doron Ashkenazi – Men's Fashion

"Hagai's CO-OP Formula workshop gave me an immense push and helped me believe I can really succeed and that things are within my reach. I do everything differently now, in terms of work, planning, dedication and responsibility. Hagai gave me the power to change. His workshop is different and I would recommend it to any business owner. If a skeptical person like can succeed – anyone can".

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